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1. Ferro Rod – Possibly the most essential feature of any survival multi-tool. Hiding in the clip is a fire-starting ferro rod that strikes at over 3,000 degrees.

2. Storage – The clip has two secret compartments that are the perfect size for storing an emergency supply of essential medication.

3. Genuine 8 Strand Paracord – The Ranger gives you over 8 feet of 8 strand 600lb paracord, which can be unwound to give you over 80 feet of cordage!

4. Emergency Whistle – Also included in the clip is a high-pitched whistle, so you can easily get someone's attention across a great distance!

5. Compass – Instead of fumbling with a compass or relying on your phone's fickle battery, just glance down at your wrist to make sure you're going the right way.

6. Thermometer – Make sure you take the necessary precautions if the temp is getting too low, or too high. A glance at your wrist will tell you the exact temp... no smartphone required.

7. Nine Function Multi-tool – This discrete micro-multi-tool can get you out a bind. 
It includes: 4 screw drivers, a hex wrench, a file, a bottle opener and more.

How Great Is This Bracelet Really?
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...but, don't take our word for it!

"A truly excellent tool to add to your gear. Highly recommended! "

"This paracord survival bracelet is compact, handy, multi-functional and potentially life-saving. 
The compass is very small but accurate. I love this's so interesting and entertaining to use. Overall a truly excellent tool to add to your gear. Highly recommended! "

- George S.

"This survival bracelet is so cool with multiple functions included."

"This survival bracelet is so cool with multiple functions included. It looks very well made, the strings are tough and pretty color.  It's a very fun tool for camping and long hiking. It's attractive enough to wear on any casual outing, and it's surprisingly great fun to use. The only issue is it's too big for my wrist, but I can buckle it on the backpack or on my belt."

- Adriana C. 

"I have it packed in my backpack so I am never without it."

"This was light and easy to wear. I forgot I was wearing it. I did not need to use it while hiking in Montana, it was nice to know it was on my wrist. I have it packed in my hiking backpack so I am never without it."

- Frank W.
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